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EH No.82 March/April 2015


Tarp Project with Ty Weber 
Ty works with one of his colts who has had a bad experience with plastic as a colt. He narrates as he works through this challenging issue.

Benefits to Horse and Rider From Working Cattle and Roping: Round Table Discussion with Buster McLaury, Bryan Neubert, Joe Wolter and Peter Campbell by Tom Moates 

How Horses Work Part 18 – The Power of Good Humor by Dr. Deb Bennett 
Dr. Deb discusses the merits of a cheerful, flexible attitude and how it will help you in your quest for good horsemanship.

Pivot Foot by Martin Black 
Martin discusses the advantages of using each hind foot, inside or outside, in a pivot.

Quality Rawhide with Leland Hensley by A.J. Mangum 
Texas rawhide braider Leland Hensley shares insight on his craft.

A Clinic with Randy Rieman by Bob Schiel 
Learn about the learning, fun, and fellowship at a Randy Rieman clinic in Michigan.

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