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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.28 – Fall 2016

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Relaxed & Supple – Exercises In the Saddle with Alice Trindle 39:47
We spend considerable time and energy on preparing our horse mentally to ride; making sure he is attentive and has a good attitude. Sometimes we might not spend enough time preparing our horse physically for that same ride. In a previous segment Alice Trindle demonstrated how you can prepare your horse to be ridden with exercises that supple and relax your horse. In this segment she takes those concepts into the saddle and shows you how you can prepare your horse to be physically ready to ride.

Teaching the Novice Rider with Chris Sobenes 59:14
Learning to ride as an adult can present the student and the instructor with a variety of unique challenges. Chris Sobenes demonstrates how you can start an adult novice rider off right from the beginning, teaching horsemanship concepts on a safe and fun way. This segment will be helpful both for an instructor and a novice rider as well.

Riding the Shoulder In with Jim Hicks 38:10
Introducing dressage movements to your horse can feel intimidating. Jim Hicks demonstrates how you can prepare your horse for a shoulder in and put this useful movement to work for your horse in a slow relaxed way. He covers basic mechanics of what he is doing with his aids, and also the feel and timing of what he is doing to complement those basics.

Trot Past Exercise with Kristi Fredrickson 10:32
Trail riding can be challenging and stretch your comfort zone; being prepared before you head out is key to having an enjoyable ride. In the last few Gazettes Kristi Fredrickson  presented some exercises to help riders prepare in the arena for the challenges of riding out on the trail. In this final segment her students use a trotting exercise to help horses build confidence in brining the energy up, passing one another, and being in different positions within the group.

Serpentines Tom Curtin 8:42
A serpentine is a very valuable tool in helping your horse get with you mentally and physically. Being able to separate each end of the horse is key for lateral movements, lead departures and developing straightness. Tom Curtin talks you through how he approaches serpentines with his horses. Starting out having the hind travel more then the front, then the front travel more then the hind.

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