EH No.84 July/August 2015

Developing a Strong, Supple Athelete by Jim Hicks Jim discusses how dressage movements, lateral work in particular, can help develop your horse as an athlete regardless of discipline. With You and Sharp by Diane Longanecker At a recent clinic Buck Brannaman demonstrates several ways to hook a horse on to you and develop feel while […]

EH No.83 May/June 2015

Relaxation Project with Bryan Neubert Bryan Neubert demonstrates one of those “little things that make a big difference” to a horse. An exercise he learned from Tom Dorrance that helps a tense horse. Beware the Roots of Rudeness by Diane Longanecker At a recent clinic Buck Brannaman addresses ways that humans cause rudeness in a horse […]

EH No.81 January/February 2015

Forward and Through – Shaping Up the Hindquarters by Diane Longanecker  Buck Brannaman demonstrates how to influence the movement of his horses hindquarter’s in several situations. Starting Colts in a Snaffle Bit vs. A Hackamore : A Round Table Discussion with Martin Black, Buck Brannaman and Bryan Neubert by Tom Moates Olympians Weave Their Threads of Knowledge by […]

EH No.80 November/December 2014

Riding With a Flag by Paul Dietz Paul offers some ideas to help prepare you to ride with a flag and ways that it can improve your riding and communication. Eight Days in Dayton:A One-of-a-Kind Colt-Starting Opportunity by Diane Longanecker Learn about a unique colt starting clinic with Buck Brannaman in Dayton, Washington. Picking a […]

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