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EH No.42 July/August 2008


cover42Speed Regulation by Martin Black (read online) 
Martin explores the pleasures of a horse that will truly walk-out and what that can teach us about speed regulation in

Leading Your Horse in a Hackamore with Richard Caldwell (read online) 
Richard demonstrates a handy way to tie up your hackamore reins so you can lead your horse safely without a fiador.

Pyramid of Training Part 2 by Terry Church (read online) 
Terry continues her four-part series on a modified classical training pyramid for riders of all levels and disciplines.

Riding Circles and Turns by Wendy Murdoch 
Wendy brings together some of her past articles to guide you through riding circles and turns effectively.

The Californios Ranch Roping & Stock Horse Contest 2008 Results

Shopping for Saddles by Tom Moates 
Tom shares his experiences tracking down and buying a rare used saddle.

Meet Mark Rashid by Cordy Coupland 
Cordy profiles clinician Mark Rashid and shares some personal experiences working with her horses with him.

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