EH No.37 September/October 2007

Hobbling Your Horse Part 1 by Gale Nelson  Hobbling a horse can be very useful. Here are several exercises to prepare your horse for hobbling, using a cotton foot rope or a lariat. Where Your Energy Meets Your Horse’s Energy by Martin Black (read online)  Martin discusses how the presentation of a bit is more […]

EH No.42 July/August 2008

Speed Regulation by Martin Black (read online)  Martin explores the pleasures of a horse that will truly walk-out and what that can teach us about speed regulation in general. Leading Your Horse in a Hackamore with Richard Caldwell (read online)  Richard demonstrates a handy way to tie up your hackamore reins so you can lead […]

EH No.40 March/April 2008

What Makes Horses Unresponsive? by Martin Black (read online)  Martin examines what can make our communication with our horses less and less effective over time. Definition of The Aids by Wendy Murdoch  Wendy explores the difference between cues and aids, and the variety of ways we can signal our horses as riders. From the Ground […]

EH No.39 January/February 2008

Problem Solving by Martin Black (read online)  Solving a problem starts with properly identifying and addressing the cause. A Flagging Project with Mindy Bower (read online)  Mindy walks you through a summer project that she set up to work on two horses issues at the same time. Leveling Your Seat Bones by Wendy Murdoch (read […]

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