Stepping Out of The Comfort Zone with Martin Black

In a performance situation where you are asking your horse to make quick athletic movements you need to be able to bring the life way up in your horse with out it being upsetting. Martin Black talks you through getting your horse out of his comfort zone, bringing the energy way up in a maneuver […]

Saddling Details with David Hillman

There are a lot of little details to saddling a horse. David Hillman takes you through the details that can help you become smooth, safe and efficient in your saddling. From carrying the saddle, swinging it up on your horse’s back, to doing the cinches there are many opportunities to alter what you might have […]

Riding Good Transitions with Amelia Newcomb

Transitions are important in every discipline of riding. In this segment Amelia Newcomb guides you through riding a variety of transitions to warm your horse up and improve his gaits. She breaks down the aids as well as outlines what she is looking for in each transition.  Please enjoy a preview of this lesson, full […]

Saddling After A Wreck with Kristi Fredrickson

Sometimes things go wrong and we need to know what to do after a problem has happened. In this segment Kristi Fredrickson demonstrates how she would work with a horse who unfortunately had the saddle get under his belly during a prior ride. Kristi offers some exercises to prepare the horse for being re-saddled for […]

The Importance of Rider Position with Amelia Newcomb

From Issue No.38 Correct position means that you are in balance with your horse and you are able to move with him. Amelia Newcomb breaks down basic rider position and discusses the why’s of good rider position. She shows common rider mistakes and demonstrates how they can cause problems in the saddle. Please enjoy a […]

The Transition to the Hackamore with Jim Hicks

From Issue No.38 If a horse is well prepared a transition from a snaffle to the hackamore should be a simple event. In this segment Jim Hicks offers some suggestions on making that change be a smooth one. He discusses how to revisit the foundation of training to help the horse understand the new gear […]

Being Prepared to Catch Your Horse with David Hillman

From Issue No.38 Being physically organized to catch your horse helps the catching process go more smoothly. David Hillman demonstrates how he gets organized to catch a horse. He also shares some great insights on developing your relationship with your horse so that he looks forward to being caught and meet you at the gate […]

The Light Seat with Wendy Murdoch

From Issue No.38 Sometimes when you are out riding on the trail you might need to come up out of the saddle to hop over a log or ride up a hill. Wendy Murdoch offers some tips on how to come up into a light seat to make things comfortable for your horse while remaining […]

Hurry Up to Slow Down with Tom Curtin

From Issue No.38 Struggling with developing a crisp and engaged stop in your horse? Tom Curtin offers some suggestions on how you can help your horse learn to put more effort into slowing down and stopping. By bringing the life up in the horse before the transition you can help him remain engaged as you […]

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