The Transition to the Hackamore with Jim Hicks

From Issue No.38 If a horse is well prepared a transition from a snaffle to the hackamore should be a simple event. In this segment Jim Hicks offers some suggestions on making that change be a smooth one. He discusses how to revisit the foundation of training to help the horse understand the new gear […]

Starting Colts, Snaffle Bit vs. Hackamore

Round Table Discussion with Martin Black, Buck Brannaman, and Bryan Neubert. This article originally appeared in issue #81 – Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Eclectic Horseman Magazine. Learn how to subscribe. Often people use either the snaffle bit or the hackamore when putting the first few rides on a colt, but is one a better choice than […]

Hackamore Safety and Tips with Richard Caldwell

Watch the Full Video Here The hackamore is the first step in the development of the traditional bridle horse. Richard Caldwell offers some tips on safety and care for the hackamore. First he demonstrates how to tie the mecate to the bosal and measure the rein length that is right for your horse. Then he […]

Rein Position

Written by Martin Black This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.64 Why can one rider have trouble getting a horse to respond and another rider take the same horse and get along great? We may be familiar with the influence of feel and timing, but something that could be quicker for the rider […]

Cow Horse Turnarounds with Buck Brannaman

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue Confused around the turnaround? In this segment horseman Buck Brannaman explains the proper form and function of a cow horse turn. A typical cow horse turn is done on the outside hind leg. However, as a horse develops speed in the turn, centrifugal force will cause him to […]

Preparing Your Horse for the Hackamore and Bridle

Written by Martin Black This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.30 The Spanish-type hackamore and bridle are both traditionally designed to operate from feel not force. When they become a forceful tool, the outcome will be reversed from the original intent. Both the hackamore and bridle put pressure on the outside, the jaw […]

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