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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.20 – Fall 2014


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Welcome to the 20th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette. In this issue you will learn how to prepare a horse to pony, some helpful groundwork basics, an exercise to develop straightness, and some strategies for riding a green colt. Brimming with high-quality intruction this DVD is like having a private clinic in your living room.

Groundwork Basics with Paul Dietz 31:04
Paul Dietz demonstrates groundwork with a young mare and the six basic maneuvers that he works on on the ground; moving the hindquarters left and right, the front quarters left and right, moving forward and moving back. Watch the mare make some nice changes over the course of their groundwork.

Preparing to Pony with Trevor Carter 22:57
In this segment Trevor Carter demonstrates how you can prepare your horse to pony another horse. By using a halter tied to a fence to simulate ponying, Trevor can make sure his horse is confident about the lead rope moving around and comfortable with maneuvering.

Leg Yield Series Part 4: the Zig Zag with Wendy Murdoch 13:17
In this final installment of the leg-yield series Wendy Murdoch shows how you can use a zig-zag exercise to test if your horse is truly straight and responsive to your aids. We will watch as a student rider makes corrections to improve the execution of this exercise and watch as her horse improves throughout the lesson.

Riding a Green Colt with Peter Campbell 40:22
Watch as Peter Campbell prepares and then rides a colt who has had only a couple rides. Peter guides us through his preparation and how to get a young horse ready to ride without taking too much life out of him. Once he’s ready Peter then has him follow a cow a little to give him a job to do.


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