The Ground Seat

This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.66 Saddle makers are often asked what a person should look for in a comfortable saddle. Though it is a fair question, a simple answer is tough to come by. The key lies in what is called the ground seat. Although many riders are unfamiliar with how […]

Bucking Rolls

Written by Cary Shwarz Bucking rolls have increased in popularity within the last few years, which has followed the increased demand for slick fork saddles. Questions arise as to their practicality, where and how they evolved and whether or not they are here to stay. Answers to these questions are not as satisfying as we […]

Keeping Your Saddle Clean

Written by Cary Schwarz Better horsemanship begins with paying careful attention to details. One of those details that figure into the larger picture is adequate care and maintenance of the one thing you use every time you swing a leg over your horse: your saddle. The quality of care you give your saddle should match […]

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