Roping and Branding Tips with Dwight Hill

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 30 Ranch roping and branding combine the skills of good horsemanship with a real-world task of taking care of livestock. Dwight Hill shares some of his experience with you in the form of tips and suggestions about gear, setting up shots, handling your rope and much more.  Full […]

Handy Little Cowboy

photography by Sandy Black It was a cold breezy September day in Bruneau, Idaho when I walked up to the corrals at the Ace Black Ranch. Their fall branding was underway and what caught my eye instantly was a young man roping with down right proficiency. The clincher for me was finding out this young […]

2016 Wrangler Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping

“Last year was the third year, and each year seems to generate more spectators,” says Bill Reynolds about the annual Wrangler Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping held at the Santa Ynez Valley Equestrian Center in Santa Ynez, California—a unique roping competition he co-produces with the event’s namesake, Buck Brannaman. “It also seemed to energize the competitors who […]

The Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering 2016

This article originally appeared in issue #89 by Maddy Butcher photos by Mary Williams Hyde In the wide open space of the Golden Spike Event Center in Ogden, Utah, a quiet, little event is gathering steam each year. It’s the Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering, which last year brought Joe Wolter and Martin Black for a […]

Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering

Many of the nation’s top buckaroos are about to descend again upon the Golden Spike Events Center in Ogden, Utah. The third annual Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering will be held this year September 10-12th. “Every year I’m just astounded at the support we have for the event” says the event’s creator, Trevor Ellis. “Last year […]

Dragging a Log with Scott Grosskopf

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 10 There are many aspects of roping live cattle that can be simulated by dragging a log with your horse. Scott Grosskopf walks us through this task and provides helpful hints on how to provide a positive experience for the horse. If you can, notch the log so […]

Buck Brannaman ProAm Vaquero Roping

Another year is in the books and the results are here! The 2014 Wrangler Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping is in the record books as the richest pay-out ranch roping in the country splitting $50,000 to the top 8 teams. The second annual event was a great success. Lots of roping and smiling faces! Look for interviews […]

Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping 2014

Editor’s Note 10/1/14: We’re excited to be attending this event! Please take a moment between watching the houlihan’s, del viento’s, and turnovers fly to saunter over to our booth and visit awhile. It’s always great to catch up with our readers in person and we hope to see you there. — Emily The 2nd Annual Wrangler Buck Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping will be held October 24, 25 & […]

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