Simplify Your Riding by Wendy Murdoch

At long last, Simplify Your Riding is back in print! A compilation of articles originally written as a series of articles for a magazine, Simplify Your Riding was expanded and highly illustrated with photographs and drawings in 2004 to guide you through the most effective positions for riding in any discipline. As Wendy says, “Gravity […]

Horse Conformation with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Join us for a conversation that delves into Dr. Deb’s fantastic new book set. This three-volume set represents the culmination of Dr. Deb’s lifetime of conformation research and teaching. Clear illustrations and reader-friendly explanations dissolve the mysteries behind the technical details. Let’s go find your next most-fun horse! Please see the individual books for full […]

Think Harmony with Milly Hunt Porter

Please enjoy my conversations with Milly Hunt Porter about her iconic book Think Harmony With Horses – An In-depth Study of Horse/Man Relationship By Ray Hunt Edited by Milly Hunt Porter. Milly’s groundbreaking efforts to put into print the language of horsemanship as it was developing is something we students of horsemanship continue to benefit […]

How to Avoid a Horse Mismatch

Round Table with Buck Brannaman, Alicia Landman, Missy Fladland, Mindy Bower and Kristin Jacob From Issue 116 Shopping for a new horse can be a stressful and emotional experience. We visited with horse professionals who have had much experience seeing good… and not so good horse and human matches. What follows are their suggestions that […]

The Importance of Mentorship – Round Table with Buck Brannaman, Lester Buckley and Tom Curtin

From Issue 115 Is having a horsemanship mentor critical to a student’s success? Here, several of horsemanship’s renowned teachers talk about their mentors and their views on mentorship to shed some light on the subject. Lester Buckley is a horseman and clinician with a broad range of experience, from training some of the world’s top […]

Hey! Elko by Milly Hunt Porter

Join us in the front of the truck as we have another visit with pioneering equestrian author and editor Milly Hunt Porter. This time we visit about Milly’s collection of poetry titled Hey! Elko. Poems organized into Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow touching on themes of history, family, love of place, community, heritage and connection. Enjoy […]

Hurry Up to Slow Down with Tom Curtin

From Issue No.38 Struggling with developing a crisp and engaged stop in your horse? Tom Curtin offers some suggestions on how you can help your horse learn to put more effort into slowing down and stopping. By bringing the life up in the horse before the transition you can help him remain engaged as you […]

Why is it so hard?

From Issue 114 Have you ever gotten unsolicited advice from a fellow horse person? Have you ever sat in the audience at a clinic or at a horse show and all you could hear was “arm chair quarter-backing” from your fellow spectators? Ever been on one of those horsey discussion groups and read pages and […]

The Horse Gods by Milly Hunt Porter

Join us again in front of the truck as we have a visit with pioneering equestrian author and editor Milly Hunt Porter. Milly’s work forever changed the landscape of the horse world by bringing the philosophy of Tom Dorrance to any horse owner interested in learning to think about things from the horse’s point of […]

Discovering Natural Horsemanship with Tom Moates

We saved you a seat in the front of the truck as we have a visit with prolific equine author Tom Moates about his first horse book Discovering Natural Horsemanship – A Beginner’s Odyssey. Tom shares the inspiration for this book and reads aloud a particularly humorous (and fraught with a little peril) passage about […]

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