Horse Conformation with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Join us for a conversation that delves into Dr. Deb’s fantastic new book set.

This three-volume set represents the culmination of Dr. Deb’s lifetime of conformation research and teaching. Clear illustrations and reader-friendly explanations dissolve the mysteries behind the technical details. Let’s go find your next most-fun horse! Please see the individual books for full table of contents and description.

Bill Steinkraus, onetime captain of the U.S. Olympic jumping team, famously said: “If you hope to succeed, you cannot just be a rider; you must be a rider AND a reader.” Because this book gives correct information based on the actual anatomical structure of the horse, it will improve you as a rider as well as sharpening your eye for conformation. Let’s go find your next most-successful and most-fun horse!

Order the books from the Mercantile:

Horse Conformation Principles of Form & Function – Three Volume Set

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