Horse Conformation Volume 3 with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Rounding out our discussion on Dr. Deb on her masterful book collection! Volume III is the biggest of the set for a good reason: historically the limbs have been almost the sole focus of conformation judging. While Volumes I and II seek to correct this imbalance with extensive discussion of the conformation and function of […]

Comparable Parts No. 6 – Quit ribbing me!

Have you ever had anyone poke you in the ribs? Did you tell them to “quit it!” because it was painful or ticklish? Maybe you have learned how to stiffen your ribcage so that when your friend poked you it didn’t hurt. This is what I learned to do as a kid living with a […]

Comparable Parts No.5 – Why can’t I swish flies?

Have you ever watched your horse standing in the field gently swishing the flies away with his tail? Have you ever been the recipient of one of those tail swishes? It’s amazing how it can sting when the tail hair lashes across your face. You might even have thought on occasion it would be great […]

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