Horse Conformation Volume 3 with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Rounding out our discussion on Dr. Deb on her masterful book collection!

Volume III is the biggest of the set for a good reason: historically the limbs have been almost the sole focus of conformation judging. While Volumes I and II seek to correct this imbalance with extensive discussion of the conformation and function of other body zones, without question the limbs and hoofs are of great importance and there are many details. Here you will find examples and discussion of just about every misalignment, swelling, or suspicious-looking lump and bump in the lexicon, conveyed through hundreds of photos.

This volume presents chapters in pairs, the first concerning structure and functioning, and the one following primarily concerned with practical examples. You will learn anatomical details that create the spiral structure of the equine hind limb and what “cow hocks” are — and aren’t. Longstanding errors in assessing correct articulation and alignment at the joints are corrected through the “plane of assessment” method, something that every horse show judge in every breed and discipline ought to be utilizing. Building on the analytical techniques taught in Volume I, you will learn the advantages of totaling the hind and forelimb length, which govern the amount of angulation as well as the potential “scope”.

The last pair of chapters concerns the hoofs and begins by offering several alternative ways of looking at “hoof balance.” A new concept, embodied in the “hoof cone” biomechanical model, teaches a sure, quick, and practical method for discovering normal vs. abnormally-shaped hoofs. As with the forelimb and hind limb chapters, hundreds of photos aid your understanding of hoof abnormalities. This is coupled with clear explanation of the reasons that abnormalities develop, to what extent they may impact soundness, their potential for correction, and how the rider, owner, farrier, and veterinarian may work together to improve less-than-perfect hoofs. You will come away from this volume with the ability to detect hoof abnormalities at a glance.

Horse Conformation Principles of Form & Function – Three Volume Set


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