Written by Christie Lynn Davis

Thank you Ray
for saving us
from all the muss
and all the fuss
that horse people
have put in their way

The man in the glass
you used to say
was a place to start
a place to stay

and all of us ventured
to touch your way
it graced us all
to play your play
with horses day by day

we all came
we all sought
and those of us with openness
between our ears
you taught

otherwise it didn’t settle in
and make a change
to notice as you tried to
show the smallest change
the slightest try

was shat we were supposed
to educate our own eyes
to achieve
to see
to know when we were
out of the way
to let the horse show us
and you’d say

and now you’re gone
how many have you
how many have you touched
how many lives
did you address to change
the way folks
addressed their ways

oh Ray those you’ve touched
forgot to say to you
how much you touched
us all

We all will dwell in a
better place of peace because
you touched us all
with truths

A deeper well
you taught us to seek
and for you
because you cared
to try for us

We all will carry on
with more try
to understand
the horse’ stand
and carry on your ways
the Best we can

in thanks
and gratitude for you
your giving true
to horses and
to all of us.

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