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The First Week with Bryan Neubert, Joe Wolter & Jim Neubert

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Join Bryan, Joe and Jim as they start 20 head of the famous 6666’s colts.

Watch over 7-hours of video & listen to their detailed narration of The First Week. Jim and Bryan Neubert, and Joe Wolter got together to start twenty-head of colts for the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas for their first week of handling.

Join them on this over seven hour video or DVD as they start these colts on their first lesson on catching, leading, gentling, saddling, riding, roping, riding out, hobbling, feet handling, trailer loading, cow-working, gate opening, trailing loose horses and a whole lot of little things in between that can make a big difference.

Whether you have one colt to start or a hundred you might benefit from joining them as these horses evolve in The First Week.

3 reviews for The First Week with Bryan Neubert, Joe Wolter & Jim Neubert

  1. sky1 (verified owner)

    The advantage to a DVD is the ability to watch it multiple time. This series has so much information that you will want to watch it several times to capture the available knowledge. I feel fortunate to be able to learn from these experts without leaving home. Highly recommend this DVD series.

  2. cyril.cambien

    This series is not cheap but I will recommend it to anyone who starts colts. It contains hours and hours of very rich material on every aspects of colt starting. These horsemen are incredible and we are lucky they are willing to share their knowledge so openly.

  3. PadlockPat

    If there is one DVD I would go back to, it would be The First Week with Bryan Neubert, Jim Neubert, and Joe Wolter. Three very experienced and knowledgeable horsemen demonstrating how they go about working and starting a number of young horses at the 6666 Ranch. The viewer has a great opportunity to be an observer. Rather than there being a step by step description, it gives the viewer the opportunity to really hone one of the key elements in horsemanship Observe. As these men were mentored by both Bill and Tom Dorrance, the tenet, Observe, Compare, Remember rings so true when viewing this DVD series. Watch the three of them all working horses in close proximity and yet they are still aware of where the other person is. Note the differences in approach and style that each man has when working with their horses. A true indication that each of them are individuals and took the lessons learned and made it their own. You will see and hear some great advice and description to approaches and the how, why and when. It is not only fascinating viewing, it is excellent exposure to the beginnings on a horses life as a good and reliable mount. Not only that, you are viewing three genuine and humble men. Good introduction to what you can expect if you ever wanted to attend a clinic with any of them. I class this as an essential DVD.

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