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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.31 – Summer 2017

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Improving the Canter Pirouette with Jim Hicks 21:56
Even horses trained to the highest levels have areas where they need help improving. Jim Hicks demonstrates how he would help a horse that needs some fine tuning with his canter pirouettes and offers suggestions how you can address physical and mental challenges with this upper-level movement.

Basic Exercises Over Poles with Johanna Redmond 43:30
Adding some small jumps or cavaletti into your training program is a great way to challenge yourself and your horse. Johanna Redmond and her students demonstrate how you can start with some ground poles to work on timing and your partnership with your horse and these fun new challenges. Riders demonstrate at the walk, trot and canter on loose reins and riding with a soft feel.

Releasing Rider Tension with Wendy Murdoch 24:51
Riders with injuries can often hold onto stiffness for long after the pain has gone. Using a Feldenkrais® lesson called "The Artificial Floor" Wendy helps a student rider release tension and stiffness in both arms and legs to be able to more more freely and comfortably for her, and her horse.

Riding Outside with Paul Dietz 31:57
Taking a young horse outside of the arena for the first few rides can be intimating for many riders. Paul demonstrates first in the arena a few things he would like working well with a horse before riding out. Next he takes his young mare outside, she is reluctant to leave and a little insecure as she gets further away. Paul shows how he would help her gain confidence to be able to continue the ride safely. 

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