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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.29 – Winter 2016

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Teaching Turnarounds – Beginning and More Advanced with Bryan Neubert 25:16
A turnaround is a basic maneuver that we can introduce at any stage in  a horse's development. Bryan demonstrates how he would start this maneuver with a horse with only a handful of rides; his approach, his expectations and how a what he would settle for. Then on a horse with a bit more experience he shows the same, so you can get a sense of how a horse might progress. 

How your Weight Influences How Your Horse Moves with Martin Black 8:40
We might not be aware of just how much influence our weight has on how our horse travels. Martin Black demonstrates how you can positively or negatively affect how your horse moves by how you are positioning your weight on his back in relation to the center of gravity.

Introducing the Haunches-In with Jim Hicks 35:55
Introducing dressage movements to your horse can feel intimidating. Jim Hicks demonstrates how you can prepare your horse for a haunches in  and put this useful movement to work for your horse in a slow relaxed way. He covers basic mechanics of what he is doing with his aidsel, what he would like working before he would introduce this movement and also the feel and timing of what he is doing to complement the mechanics.

Fantasy Cow Work with Kristi Fredrickson 20:18
You might not always have cows handy when you want to improve on your cow working skills. Kristi Fredrickson and her students demonstrate how riders can work each other to simulate the speed and accuracy needed to work a cow. A great exercise for fun and developing good skills.

Hindquarters-Frontquarters Exercise Tom Curtin 10:52
Maneuvers and exercises work on the surface of a horse. What's important is how the horse feels on the inside while you're working on them. Tom Curtin demonstrates an exercise that can separate the front end from the back end and the back end from the front end and reminds us to be mindful of where our horse is mentally while moving the life around in our horse.

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2 reviews for The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.29 – Winter 2016

  1. John Toli (verified owner)

    Having a very talented cow horse, I wanted to do quite a bit more with my mare. As big as Western Dressage is getting, I thought I’d give it a try. This video has it all!! The exercises here in this video has everything to do with the biomechanics needed to move every part of your horses body smoothly and effectively. With clear and concise direction from Bryan Neubert, Martin Black, Tom Curtain, and especially jim Hicks, you can’t miss!!!!! It’s must have video for the rider who wants to open up your horses abilities and have more fun!!! The fantasy cow work part of this video is also very helpful. If you don’t have a Pro-Cutter Mechanical Cow, but you have friends on horses………these exercises are fun with a small group.

  2. marie.mcphee0923 (verified owner)

    Great DVD. Learned so much.

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