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Exploring Evidence-Based Horsemanship DVD

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A new collaboration between neuropsychologist Dr. Stephen Peters and horseman Martin Black!

Have you ever found yourself wishing that there was an instruction manual for your horse? Something that would give some insight into what he was thinking or why he reacted the way that he did in a certain situation? How to train him to be the best that he can be? And how to keep him physically healthy and mentally happy?

Today we are bringing you an introduction to that manual, and it has been right in front of you all along.

Evidence-Based Horsemanship is a way of interacting with and understanding horses that is based both in clinical science and real-world, hands-on experience. Once you begin to understand your horse’s brain, he will teach you what is best and most effective for him; from training to nutrition and everything in between. Evidence-Based Horsemanship will give you the awareness to hear what your horse it telling you and know what will suit him best.

Empowered with this knowledge you will no longer have to rely on answering any question related to horses with “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Evidence-Based Horsemanship will give you the tools you need to evaluate what you are doing well with your horses and where you can improve. It will also give you the skill to see through the hype of the latest fads to evaluate and see if they are truly good for the horse.

Every discipline of rider, every practitioner of equine health, everyone and anyone who interacts with horses can incorporate this knowledge to both their benefit and to the benefit of every horse they come in contact with.

Where did Evidence-Based Horsemanship come from? In working with his own horses, Dr. Stephen Peters a neuropsychologist who specializes in brain function, currently based in Herriman, Utah, became interested in understanding the horse’s brain to the same depth that he understands the human’s. He crossed paths with horseman Martin Black, who has a lifetime of real-world experience working horses of all breeds and disciplines, and the two began sharing information and experiences back and forth.

They found themselves corroborating each other’s ideas from both the scientific and empirical perspective. Together they have developed Evidence-Based Horsemanship to help people understand their horses from both a physical and mental perspective; to help them evaluate all aspects of horsemanship from training to nutrition.

This DVD is only an introduction, it does not have all the answers. The material presented from Dr. Peters and Martin Black will help you to start evaluate your own practices and better understand why what is working is working and pinpoint areas that can be improved.

In the first chapter, Dr. Peters gives a brief comparison of horse and human brains to so you can understand what a horse’s brain is developed to do and how their brains differ from our own.

In the second chapter Dr.Peters and Martin Black examine and evaluate common practices from feeding to training and explore what best suits the horse and why from a mental perspective.

In the third chapter Dr. Peters and Martin guide you through a chart that they have developed to illistrate the different mental states of a horse and help you to understand how you can help your horse find and optimal state of mind for learning.

In the final chapter Dr. Peters and Martin discuss how they first got together do develop the concepts that lead to a collaboration on the book Evidence-Based Hosremanship, and now the DVD.


Evidence-Based Horsemanship is a window of understanding that you can look through to see your horse in a new way. By knowing how his mind functions from a scientific point of view, you can know what he is truly capable of. Knowledge is power and in this case it is the power to keep you horse happy and healthy and succeed to the best of his ability.

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  1. mkennedy3

    This is an excellent dvd for understanding the horse even better. Lots of information and facts that have really helped me deepen my understanding. Marcia Kennedy

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