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Preparing Foals and Young Colts for the Farrier with Jeff Ohaco

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In this “How To” DVD, Jeff Ohaco exhibits the essential steps and basic groundwork needed for getting foals and young colts ready for the farrier. These same principles are used with n halter breaking foals and colts, for the first time, as well. By getting these colts willing to yield their front and hind quarters and drive forward on a feel, Jeff demonstrates how preparing them to pick up their feet, will lead to horses that are much easier to handle, and trim, at this early age.

Jeff Ohaco, (horseman & farrier) was raised on a working horse and cattle ranch in North Eastern Arizona where he worked horses in the traditional way that he was taught at home. It wasn’t until he moved to California that he learned a different way of handling horses. By allowing the horse to search for the answers and be given relief when the horse finds the right answer, Jeff witnessed some amazing changes in his horses. His methods motivate the horse to want to do the things asked of him. “The ‘approach’ is the key and ‘relief’ opens the door.”


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