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Art of Riding a Horse: Description of Modern Manège d’Eisenberg


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This book is likely to create a small revolution in the way we ride and train horse for supple collection. Each exercise is described succinctly with an accompanying diagram beautifully engraved. 

A contemporary of de la Gueriniere, Eisenberg was trained in the European Royal riding academies including the Viennese Spanish Riding school under Regenthal. Eisenberg is prominently featured in Koert van der Horst’sGreat Books on Horsemanship with over 8 pages of coverage.

Never before has this material been available in English.

Riders always seem to want two things to help them in their training:  1. A  visual concept of what they are trying to attain, and 2. simple instructions that will give them results.  Baron D’Eisenberg’s  Art of Riding a Horseprovides today’s riders with both elements in  easy to follow instructions for riding and training horses to the highest levels of equitation, and, with lovely engravings of horses and riders demonstrating the movements as performed to perfection.  This book is a must have for any student of high level equitation.  It will also be a  treasure for the novice rider who wants to set their sights on the ideal images and descriptions of correctly schooled, beautiful horses in noble performance.

The Art of Riding a Horse


A Description of Modern Manège, in its Perfection;

Explained with the necessary lessons and represented by the Exact figures, starting with the Rider’s Seat on the Horse, and concluding with the Stop, and also accompanied by various Bits used in the proper bridling of Horses:

Written and illustrated by

The Baron d’Eisenberg,

And engraved by B. Picart.

Translated by Sherilyn Allen V.M.D.


“Every day that I ride and train my dressage horses, I do the exercises described in this 300 year old manual of “modern horsemanship,”  and I see my horses like the horses in the pictures—elegant, graceful, supple, and balanced. The exercises teach them collection effortlessly. I am grateful to have found this beautiful, pictorial manual which has helped me and my horses immensely in their training.” 

– Sherilyn Allen, translator.




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