Making Circles by Barney Nelson

Emily and Barney Nelson discuss, “Making Circles – The Memoir of a Cowboy Journalist”. They explored the cowboy way of life, its sacrifices, and the skills it instills. Barney emphasized the importance of storytelling in conveying complex ideas and shared insights about the diverse group of individuals she knew. They also discussed the importance of understanding and connecting with people, the parallels between cowboy work and teaching and how horse-human relationships relate to teaching.

Barney, a writer and former college professor, discussed her belief in the universal qualities of humans, irrespective of their religion, language, or economic status. She drew a parallel between this idea and their experience with horses, explaining that understanding and respecting them can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. Barney also shared her admiration for Ray Hunt, a figure who inspired her with life lessons beyond horse training. Barney defined a journalist as someone who searches for answers rather than just highlighting problems, emphasizing the importance of storytelling in conveying complex ideas.

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Making Circles: The Memoir of a Cowboy Journalist

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