Tom Dorrance – More Than A Horseman – Milly Hunt Porter

Tom Dorrance – More Than A Horseman is a unique collection of memories and anecdotes about the man who inspires us to more thoughtful horsemanship decades after his passing. Now in its second printing this wildly popular title is the jumping off point for conversations about Tom and horsemanship between Eclectic Horseman Magazine publisher Emily […]

Making Circles by Barney Nelson

Emily and Barney Nelson discuss, “Making Circles – The Memoir of a Cowboy Journalist”. They explored the cowboy way of life, its sacrifices, and the skills it instills. Barney emphasized the importance of storytelling in conveying complex ideas and shared insights about the diverse group of individuals she knew. They also discussed the importance of […]

True Unity with Milly Hunt Porter

Please enjoy a conversation with Milly Hunt Porter, editor of True Unity – Willing Communication Between Horse and Rider. If there is one book you should have on your shelf, this is it. Enjoy Milly’s stories of putting the book together, how the book was received and be careful, you might learn a thing or […]

Think Harmony with Milly Hunt Porter

Please enjoy my conversations with Milly Hunt Porter about her iconic book Think Harmony With Horses – An In-depth Study of Horse/Man Relationship By Ray Hunt Edited by Milly Hunt Porter. Milly’s groundbreaking efforts to put into print the language of horsemanship as it was developing is something we students of horsemanship continue to benefit […]

The Horse Gods by Milly Hunt Porter

Join us again in front of the truck as we have a visit with pioneering equestrian author and editor Milly Hunt Porter. Milly’s work forever changed the landscape of the horse world by bringing the philosophy of Tom Dorrance to any horse owner interested in learning to think about things from the horse’s point of […]

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