Nick Dowers Announces the launch of “Cowboy Week” Online Video Series

Series to deliver virtual access to a weeklong presentation of colt starting and horsemanship.

Dyer, NV (January 4, 2024) Cowboy week began in 2018 as an informal gathering of friends at Nick Dowers’ ranch and training facility to start a group of colts and discuss horsemanship. The event became an annual occasion which takes place in January. This week, Dowers announced that the 2024 Cowboy Week will be made available for viewers in a digital format. Videographers will be on hand to capture the action as Nick and his friends start a group of colts and work to advance other horses at various points in their training process. The video series will be released over a four-day period beginning on January 31, 2024.

“When I was working for Bill Van Norman in Northern Nevada, we would start a bunch of colts in the winter and because Bill had the only indoor arena in the area, he would have neighbors and friends over so we would all be starting these horses at the same time in a big group,” said Dowers. “The camaraderie and atmosphere was really special and that’s what gave me the idea to do this at my place.”

Along with Dower’s and a group of his friends comprised of working cowboys, horse trainers and former assistants, esteemed horsemen Bryan Neubert and Joe Wolter will be taking part in the event.

“Both Bryan and Joe have had a huge impact on my horsemanship journey.  To have them both be a part of this is a huge deal for me because I know they are going to bring so much knowledge to the table,” Dowers said. 

The video series promises to deliver over 12 hours of online video content that will include colt starting, reined cowhorse training, and ranching with a heavy dose of high-level horsemanship conversations throughout. More information and purchase instructions are available at

Photos by Nicole Poyo Photography
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