EH No.90 July/August 2016

The Mystery of the “Two Rein” The Philosophy Behind the Practice by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver Learn about the stage of traditional education that bridges the gap between hackamore and bridle. Not Just About Roping by Kristi Fredrickson Kristi Fredrickson demonstrates how to check your horse out from the fence with a rope. Exposing your horse […]

EH No.89 May/June 2016

The Six Progressions: An Introduction to the Half-Circle/Teardrop Exercise by Diane Longanecker A series of exercises that teach a multitude of helpful things; from flexion, to timing, to lead changes. Creating a Musical Freestyle by Jim Hicks Jim explores the value of creating a musical freestyle; you can experience the joy of dancing with a […]

EH No.88 March/April 2016

Getting Your Horse Slicker Broke … and Then Some by Bryan Neubert Bryan walks us through a helpful exercise that can help a horse in several fundamental ways. Skeletal Maturation in Horses – Part 2: The Timing of Skeletal Maturity by Deb Bennett, Ph.D. Dr. Deb returns to an anatomical subject to help readers make good […]

EH No.86 November/December 2015

Perfecting Lateral Flexion by Diane Longanecker Buck Brannaman offers help on how to correct improper lateral flexion once you have discovered that it needs addressing. Working with Stock Dogs Horseback by Tom Moates Bryan Neubert and Mindy Bower discuss how helpful a good stock dog can be and various thoughts on how they can help you […]

EH No.85 September/October 2015

Thoughts for Handling foals with Sean Sowa  Handling young horses can be intimidating. Sean offers some suggestions of things you can do to help create a good foundation. The Law of Inner and Outer Linkage by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.  Explore the concept of Natural Law as it applies to horses – truths that universally apply […]

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