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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.34– Spring 2018

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Welcome to the 34th issue of The Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly video-series that enables you to watch and learn from some of the most talented horsemen and -women working with horses today.

Education is the main objective of this video-series. Because we believe that it’s the little things that make a big difference; a change in expression, the length of a pause, the smoothness of a transition, these video segments are edited as little as possible to give you the whole picture of how each horse and rider progress.

Becoming a better horseman is a life-long process, and if you are serious about becoming the best you can be, now you can enjoy having access to some of the best resources in the horsemanship world.

So, Come along for the ride – you and your horse will be glad that you did!
Suppling Exercises with Alice Trindle 25:46
Warming your horse up is a great way to prepare physically and mentally for the day’s activities whether that is going for a trail ride or competing at a show. Alice Trindle offers some easy-to-execute exercises that will warm you and your horse up for whatever you have planned for the day.

Re-Schooling A Troubled Horse with Jim Hicks 1:02:51
Sometimes a horse can get quite a ways along but still have some missing pieces in their foundation. In this segment Jim Hicks rides such a horse and though the troubled spots are not immediately apparent in the beginning of the ride, when they do present themselves you can see how Jim addresses them. A great way to get some ideas on checking out any horse’s foundation and presenting strategies on how to approach a horse that needs some re-schooling.

Beginning Groundwork with Jeff O’Haco 35:42
Groundwork can be a powerful tool to prepare a horse to be ridden. Too often the things we do on the ground might not directly connect to what we are going to do when we ride; or we don’t really understand how they connect. Jeff O’Haco helps us make those connections as we watch him work a young horse on the ground before a ride.

Getting to Know a New Horse with Lester Buckley 48:05
In this unique segment Lester Buckley, with some assistance from the late Shelia Varian, works with a young horse fresh out of the pasture. The mare and her pasture mate had been worked free just prior to filming so when we get started she is still excited from that and missing her buddy. Watch as Shelia and Lester help her settle and begin to feel comfortable. Lester also discusses how you might adjust to work with gear that might be different than your own.

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