Wintery Visit to Wheatland

With clinician Peter Campbell working out of his home-ranch in Wheatland, Wyoming for winter months, it was a good opportunity to visit and do some gazette filming. Peter had a filly in mind that we could film over a period of time, starting with halter breaking this visit with the plan to film her progress over time. Thankfully Peter had an indoor arena, which if not heated was at least shelter from the (howling) wind.

My mom came along on this adventure to hang out with Sydney during the day while I filmed. The Campbell’s had an adorable bunk house and we found a lovely welcome basket with candy, toys and an adorable top. (Thank you Trina… especially for the sugar!) We were thankful that it was warm and toasty, all of us piling into one big bed. The wind blowing so hard overnight that we marveled to find snowflakes had somehow blown in through the closed window, how is that possible? Only in Wyoming I’m guessing!

Can’t wait to catch up with this filly in the future and see how she progresses!


Hanging in the bunkhouse with her new loot!
Back home sporting her new adorable outfit from Peter & Trina.

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