Video Production

At Eclectic Horseman, it has been our mission from day one to be a communications company that focused it’s efforts on being a resource for education centered in the horse world. Publishing is our passion, and today, video design may be the most effective way to communicate any message. If you have something to say that has integrity and shares the common purpose of our mission, Eclectic Horseman can take your video projects to market from start to finish.

And unlike most video outfits, we understand horses and livestock so we can frame the story line. We have lived the nightmare of working with footage shot by very experienced camera operators that knew nothing about horses, so they missed things we would have seen. We won’t be zooming in for that arty shot of the carving on a saddle to sacrifice attention to the point being conveyed.

Our process is simple, and made to save you time and money. We begin with a storyboard that maps out all the shots and then we go to it commited to making deadlines. We understand direction, lighting, sound to deliver you the best original production possible.

Eclectic Horseman is fully equipped to offer post production services as well, and once we have your footage we can digitize and edit your video to add DVD features like chapters, graphics, music to personalize your message. We can also format your video to serve over the Internet, design any packaging you need, and manage the steps to deliver you a product ready to sell retail.

Eclectic Horseman does all project costing upfront so there are no surprises and you know exactly what you are paying for. We outline and itemize everything we commit to delivering. Depending on our calendar, we are available for location shoots for events, stallions, real-estate, and educational video instruction.

Call us today and let’s talk about your ideas.