To Buck, Thank You

Written by by Mary Berkeley

My horse and I get along pretty good
He follows and likes me, I think like he should
We have a nice thing that’s for sure on the ground
But our mounted arrangement is sorta fogbound.

Like a dervish he dances out in the pasture
That lightness of feet was what I was after
A nice easy feel was sure what I meant
But bracing and tugging seemed more evident.

I ask for some flexion, not great on the left
His mind is off elsewhere, I’m feeling bereft
I get him to canter and then he won’t steer
I think at these times, “It’s damned lonely up here.”

I finally realized that I needed a hand
And help came in a clinic by Buck Brannaman
He changed my whole world and gave me a vision
To follow my dream only now with precision!

He expected no less than the ultimate feel
The lack of which none of us there could conceal
He worked us, he dogged us to “get right with the horse”
Loose reins and light touch are better than force.

He asked us to lift up each foot with a rein
I focused so hard I near sprained my brain
We snake trailed, we drifted we rode with a string
Any minute he’ll ask me to make my horse sing!

Defeated but willing at the end of each day
To go back, damn my pride, ’cause this was the way
This man had the key that unlocked my heart
Which was just what was needed for a brand new start.

My tool box is loaded where once it was spare
I’m inspired to try things I never would dare
Cause Buck, he rides with me, at least in my mind
And he counsels me daily to stay soft and kind.

Consider the horse, adjust to his feel
That’s all Buck asked for and it has great appeal
For your horse since he’s waiting each day just for you
To decide that together is better than two.

by Mary Berkeley

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