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The Ranchin’ Man & His Wife


It seems with all his chores n’ such
He always needs assistance
And ever’ time, right there she is
With never no resistance

When he gits in so dog-gone deep
That just his hat’s above
It’s never long before he hears
Those words he’s come to love

“What do you need this time, honey?”
That verse so sweetly stated
As she throws in her help again
For a job, last time she hated

But with no balk, she steps right up
Once again to save the day
And digs him from another hole
He’s dug in his own way

It seems that ever’ Ranchin’ man
Each day, is on the go
But for his pro-duc-tiv-ity,
There’s seldom much to show

He puts in lots o’ thinkin’ time
Ol’ plans are resurrected
He figgers with these jobs all done
The place is near’ perfected

Then dark finds him back on the porch
From battles fought n’ won
To tell with pride, his loving bride
The things that he’s now done

So there she sits right next to him
To cheer on his good deeds
The ones he never quite gets done
N’ her help, he always needs

And bless her heart, she’ll be that help
He’ll count on all his life
For he’s the poor ol’ Ranchin’ man
N’ she’s the Rancher’s wife

Jim Hawkins

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