Developing Clarity

From Issue No.78 Sitting on the berm watching a magnificent horse and its rider schooling the grand-prix inspired me to write about the importance of the human-horse partnership in relation to the quality of gaits. My life’s passion is to blend the education of dressage biomechanics while still nurturing the relationship between the horse and […]

Being Mindful in and out of the Saddle

Written by Jec Ballou Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Zen monks for a week last fall made me believe that a rider’s ultimate responsibility is to give up her ego. Human beings carry so much around—stress, thoughts, emotional pain, responsibilities—that we lose clarity in moment-to-moment living. This blocks our ability to genuinely “let go” in our lives, […]

Where is Your Weight?

With Buck Brannaman This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.65 We know it’s the little things that make the big difference, not only in fine horsemanship, but in staying safe in the saddle. At a recent clinic Buck demonstrated how he uses his feet to help keep in a safe position. “When I slide […]

Cow Horse Turnarounds with Buck Brannaman

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue Confused around the turnaround? In this segment horseman Buck Brannaman explains the proper form and function of a cow horse turn. A typical cow horse turn is done on the outside hind leg. However, as a horse develops speed in the turn, centrifugal force will cause him to […]

Winter Projects

With Jeff Derby For many of us, the start of the winter season means an end to our riding season. Even if you have access to an indoor arena, it’s easy to feel limited by what you can get done in a small space or on icy ground. Instead of focusing on the limitations the […]

The Definition of “On the Bit”

Written by Dr. Max Gahwyler and Bettina Drummond There is no other statement used so often in Dressage riding as the horse should accept the bit, be on the bit, etc. And very often when you go to clinics or shows, it’s the predominant preoccupation of riders, trainers and, unfortunately, often also the judges. It […]

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