Second Annual Stockmanship Challenge and Clinic

In 2022 a unique contest was hosted by Malcolm and Jenny MacLean at the Pincher Creek Rodeo Grounds in Alberta, Canada, in conjunction with a stockmanship school to introduce people to the low-stress livestock handling methods developed by Bud Williams. The school and competition were well received so the goal was to make this an […]

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable – Martin Black Clinic Report

Story and photos by Kim Stone This article originally appeared in issue No.110 Crisp air, clear blue skies, brilliant gold, red, orange and yellow leaves cloaked the trees outlining the lush green pastures at Shinanatu Farm, in Brunswick, Maine. A buzz of excitement filled the air as participants from all over New England settled their […]


This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.72 A lot of times people have trouble understanding cattle because the cattle are so simple minded. Their decisions are made for comfort, nutrition, or survival reasons. Unlike people, cattle are not driven by greed or humiliation and they don’t care who looks better or what others think […]

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