Riding with Life by Melanie Smith Taylor

Join me for a visit with Melanie Smith Taylor about her book Riding with Life – Lessons from the Horse written with Jamie Caton. Melanie is renowned horsewoman and Olympic gold medalist who still teaches others what she has spent a lifetime learning. This comprehensive resource will inspire and instruct horse owners from all walks of life and disciplines. I had read the book when it was first published, and was thrilled to have the chance to read it again and absorb some of its knowledge. If you enjoy this interview please like, subscribe and share with a friend!

About the book:
In this comprehensive training guide, renowned horsewoman and Olympic gold medalist Melanie Smith Taylor shares her unique program for setting horse and rider up for success. Blending her in-depth knowledge of groundwork and flatwork with her vast experience in the hunter/jumper discipline, she explains how to achieve a harmonious partnership with your horse and realize his full potential—whether you’re a weekend trail rider or serious competitor.

Against the backdrop of her life story, Melanie presents a wealth of specific exercises, instructional photographs, and valuable advice, as well as details about the many horses that have helped shape her approach. Throughout Riding with Life, she encourages us to appreciate and honor the nobility of the horse and forge a true connection with this majestic animal.

Softcover | 360 pages – 500 photos and illustrations

You can order it here:

Riding with Life by Melanie Smith Taylor and Jamie Caton

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