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Engraving Techniques with Wilson Capron


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Engraving Techniques Two Disc Bundle 


DISC 1: Design Concepts and Exercises Bit and spur maker Wilson Capron describes his approach to design and artistic form. This DVD is designed to help the viewer achieve an appropriate perspective and mindset when faced with a lack of inspiration. Exercises are presented, that Wilson practices on a daily basis, along with discussion about their purpose. You’ll also see Wilson demonstrate one of his drawing sessions while vocalizing his thoughts and reasoning. length: 65 minutes

DISC 2: Fundamentals of Engraving Bit and spur maker Wilson Capron provides detailed information on the fundamental aspects of engraving. This includes discussion about the tools, tool geometry and their sharpening, form, posture, and finally a walkthrough as he engraves a scroll and a flower. Wilson does not use a machine in this DVD, but describes techniques in hand engraving that are equally important in machine engraving. length: 70 minutes

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Wilson Capron grew up in far West Texas with a family background in ranching.  He is the son of Mike and Anne Capron of Sheffield, TX and a brother to Liz Capron of Ft. Worth, TX.   He graduated from Fort Davis High School in 1992 and from Texas A&M University-Commerce in1996 with a degree in Ag-Business.  That same year, he began to apprentice under bit and spur maker Greg Darnall.  Wilson’s unique designs also stem from the influence of his father, a cowboy artist!  Today, Wilson lives in Christoval, Texas, with his wife Katy, and their daughters Macy and Emmy, where his interest in horsemanship and roping continue to contribute to his art as a bit and spur maker.




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