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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.21 – Winter 2014


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Welcome to the 21rst issue of the Horseman’s Gazette. In this issue you will learn more ideas for ridin ga green colt, how to develop your groundwork, how to pony another horse, and ways to work with a flag on the ground. Brimming with great information to help you help your horse!

Following a Feel On The Ground with Lee Smith 21:50
Lee Smith demonstrates some groundwork maneuvers and how she gets a horse to follow a feel through the lead rope down to his feet. Lee shares what she is looking for and how the horse feels to her when he is or is not following her feel. Lee stresses that she is not making anything happen, but waiting and then allowing what she would like to have happen, happen.

Ponying From Your Horse with Trevor Carter 15:19
In this segment, Trevor Carter takes his preparation from the last issue and ponies another horse. He discusses ways to set yourself up to be successful and common mistakes and challenges you might encounter.

Riding a Green Colt Part 2 with Peter Campbell 23:27
In this segment, Peter Campbell puts another ride on his colt. The colt, who was a little fussy with the bit the first day starts to learn to wear it without it bothering him as much. Peter reminds us that when horses are young, they “don’t need a whole bunch, but they do need a little.” He shows some things that you could do to get a young horse started in a good way.

Flagging and Working with a Sack on the Ground with Paul Dietz 48:11
Building on the segment in the last issue, Paul Dietz takes his groundwork a step further and adds working with a flag and then a grain sack to get his mare used to them but also to learn to respond from them as well. Paul reminds us that if our basics are solid on our horses we’ll always have them to come back to if he or she gets troubled.


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