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Saddle Mule Series – Introduction to Mulemanship


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Brad’s award-winning techniques bring mule training out of thew Stone Age through a common sense approach that both you and your mule will understand.

DVD 1: Introduction to Mulemanship, 30 min

• Basic Knowledge on Mules
• Training Equipment
• Terminology
• Examples of Finished Groundwork

In this informational DVD, Brad shows you how useful a saddle mule can be and what to look for when choosing one. He defines the terminology and shows the equipment used in Groundwork. He presents examples of the excellent results that can be achieved by using his Saddle Mule Series. A perfect primer to Groundwork.

About Brad
Brad Cameron was raised in Montana in the outfitting business where mules were the main tool to get the job done. Brad grew up using pack mules to transport gear and equipment into the rugged Montana wilderness areas where the family made their living. Brad’s fondness for mules grew from a young age and he always came back to the mule. Brad broke his first mule to ride at age 15 and continued to work with mules for outfitters, private individuals and the U.S. Forest Service. Through the years Brad has sought advice from many different mule and horse trainers and developed his own training style that has become very fitting for the mule. Training mules for the public has allowed Brad to polish his training into a very popular technique that he now teaches through his Mulemanship Clinics.


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