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Through the Corral Fence with Tom Dorrance

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Horse and Human Projects No.1

Watch as Tom helps students of all levels and disciplines address their challenges in an intimate clinic setting. This extended DVD features over 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Tom helps notable horsemanship clinicians Martin Black, Terry Church, Bryan Neubert and others with their horses in this classic footage from a clinic in Gustine, California in 1995. Enjoy seeing the changes the horses make and Tom’s unique way of teaching.

“I hope you’ll feel as if you are looking through the corral fence along with Tom and enjoy spending time with him while he helps some people with their horses. Tom's comments and humor are both educational and fun to hear. He is always trying to point out what would make it better for both the horse and the human. Tom mentions that "It is the little things that make the difference" and in this footage you will watch as slight adjustments from the riders make a big difference to their horses. It is interesting to watch Tom's timing and to be able to understand his thinking.”   
                     – Best Wishes, Margaret Dorrance 


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2 reviews for Through the Corral Fence with Tom Dorrance

  1. Antje Joel

    Not only just nice to see Tom again, but a lot of be gained here from his wisdom. To do the man and his knowledge of horses and humans justice, this isn’t a simple how-to DVD, the learning runs far deeper than that.

  2. fun

    It sure would have been nice if there was more video of Tom’s special way with horses. I found this DVD to have a lot of wisdom in it, some of which applied to some horses I’m working with. It might not be the DVD that helps just anybody, but I think it was worth the money.

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