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True Unity by Tom Dorrance

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Tom Dorrance has been referred to as the “horse’s lawyer. “Tom gives the horse credit for his knowledge of a horse’s feelings and problems. He says, “What I know about the horse I learned from the horse.”

Now, in True Unity, Tom shares some of these ideas to help achieve a true unity for human and horse.

In talking about the horse Tom mentions often the horse’s need for self-preservation. The self Tom approaches in the horse is a total entity. True Unity allows the reader to feel and see the horse in the way Tom sees and feels the horse. It allows the reader to approach the horse with Tom — to approach the horse with a feeling of acceptance for the value of the whole horse — physical, mental and an innermost horse.

A unique bonus feature of True Unity is a chapter presenting some of Tom’s student s as the share how Tom’s help with their horses changed their horses’ and their lives.

(hardcover, photos, 151 pgs.)

Excerpt from the book:

People often ask me how I have gotten it together for myself and the horse. I’ll make an attempt to answer. I was born on May 11, 1910, near Joseph, Oregon. As I look backward through the years of my life there have been hundreds of people and horse that have helped me develop my understanding of the True Unity and Wiling Communication Between Horse and Human.

Our father and mother were good people with good standards that they tried to pass on to their children. The family was always good to me. I always felt freedom. By that I don’t mean that I could do as I pleased about everything or anything. There were guidelines, standards and responsibilities for me to operate within. I had the freedom to explore and experiment so I could develop my own character. I believe that could have been the foundation for me to find, as I worked with animals, that this was as important to the animals as it had been to me.

It would be very difficult for me to talk about working with people and their horses without Ray Hunt becoming involved.

It will soon be twenty-seven years since I first met Ray Hunt — that has been another fortunate experience of my life. I have never experienced anyone who could pick up on the slightest clue and build on it in the right direction in such a short time — it is as if he has been doing it all his life.

17 reviews for True Unity by Tom Dorrance

  1. chelsea.marko (verified owner)

    This is THE definitive book on horsemanship. To pack so much information into one little book; to influence so many of the great horsemen out there… You can always learn something new here!

  2. klemasters2309

    If you’re only going to have 1 book on your shelf, then this is it. Be prepared to read it a lot! It doesn’t make much sense the first few times through it, as other folks have said. But after a little while, if you just keep trying and messing with horses, some of the things Tom says in this book will start to make sense.

  3. ruth

    You won’t understand it all at first read, or second or third. But as your knowledge grows your understanding of Tom’s words of wisdom will become much clearer. This is the basis of what is now called natural horsemanship.

  4. gerry.graham

    Every time I read this book I find something new. Every time something else clicks. I’ve given a few copies of this book away. Recommend this book to anyone who seeks fine horsemanship.

  5. lm1r (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I never met Tom, but his approach and philosophy have been something I’ve followed for some time. I’m a dog trainer, training Border Collies for ranch work and trials. This book and others by Tom have great wisdom, insights, observations on training horses. What absolutely comes out to me is Tom’s shuttle yet clear observations. He gets you to slow down, it’s about what that particular horse can handle at that time. He gets you to thinking with that animal, be it horse, dog cow, sheep. I think this is a must read for anyone who is serious about working with animals.

  6. jeni.olivier

    No matter how many times I read and re-read this book, there is something newly discovered that I wasn’t ready to learn until the right time. Tom had SO much knowledge, and I greatly appreciate that we have this book to help with the journey. I would recommend it to anyone who’s serious about bettering their horsemanship.

  7. robynp06

    This is a book that you need to have on your shelf so you can revisit it periodically. Every time I read this book I get something different from it, and a little bit more of the puzzle falls into place. Definitely one to own.

  8. miraclehorses7

    I only met Tom once but his philosophy and this book continue to have great impact on my interaction with my horses and even those of my daughter and granddaughter!
    I followed Tom’s friend Ray Hunt all over the western US

    This book is full of wisdom but requires that you THINK about what Tom says and how you can try to apply it. THINK, TRY TO APPLY & THINK SOME MORE!

  9. stephenkratzer

    I really wanted to like it, but I honestly didn’t. Tom has trouble getting across what he wants to express, and it seemed like every other page contains an apology or lamentation for the fact that what he’s trying to express is hard to put into words. There is a lot of wisdom buried in this book, but I do feel like it is buried, and I don’t believe it’s just a language/concept barrier. In my opinion, both Ray Hunt’s and Bill Dorrance’s books explain similar things much more clearly even though they use similar language.

  10. guzman.duck

    I re-read this book when my soul needs uplifting. One of the most important points I’m reminded of each time is how to work WITH the horse’s need for self-preservation, to work WITH the horse’s nature. It’s a difficult thing when you’re dealing with issues of fear, uncertainty, and lack of control. But as mindful horsemanship shows, giving the horse a voice is the basis for true unity and harmony.

  11. ben

    I have studied this book now for many years and was privileged to be given a copy by one of Tom’s very good friends, whom I was starting colts for last year. Tom’s way with horses goes beyond mere mechanics and science, even though these elements are part of it. The amazing thing was that he could encompass all these things – and more – through feel. This is a book that deserves more than one read by anyone serious about pursuing better horsemanship.

  12. Faith Mendoza

    The words contained in this book may not be completely understood the first time. But the wisdom it contains will keep you coming back to reading sessions time and time again. No matter what your discipline, the horses you encounter will benefit from your time spent with this book.

  13. halfcirclearanch

    Probably the most valuable book I own. Best advice I can give while reading it is to set it down often and think about each part. No need to rush through it.

  14. Jodie Davis

    The words in this book are the soul of the horse in type. They bring my soul closer to my horses’. You’d think that after having it for over a year now I wouldn’t but reading it in snippets as I do, I nearly weep still at Tom’s words. Agreed, the #1 book to have.

  15. Laura Shilton

    I love this book, no matter what stage you are at every time you read and reread this book you walk away having learned something new

  16. Roxszuzuspetals

    This this the bible for horsemanship. I have been reading it over and over for the last 20 years. You always get something new out from it. I also have the c/d to listen in the truck to imprint in my thinking of how Tom understood and worked with horses. To me , it is one book that you should have and read from with never stopping.

  17. emily.kitching

    If you are going to have just one horse book on your shelf… this is it. You will find something new every time you read it and as time goes on more and more of it will be relevant. A must have.

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