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Shadow Of The Wind by Mackey Hedges

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For the many fans of the award winning, Western novel, Last Buckaroo the characters of Tap McCoy and Dean McCuen are alive again in the new fast moving story Shadow Of The Wind.

From the deserts of Arizona to the lava rims of Hells Canyon in Idaho, Tap and Dean ride, rope and brawltheir way across the pages of this rollicking story of modern day ranch life.

In Shadow of The Wind you will get to better know the characters of grumpyold rancher, Ben Bird; DumbDonny the hyper active wild buckaroo; the white hating family of Dean’s Indian wife TenaRayas well as a host of other old and new characters.

Softcover, 643 pages.



Shadow Of The Wind, while a fictional novel by definition, is based on true-to-life individuals. It is the long anticipated installment to Mac Hedges’ award winning Western novel, Last Buckaroo. In Shadow, Mac brings important generational back-ground to the colorful characters created in the earlier novel while providing readers with rich and authentic descriptions of Western culture and heritage.

Dean McCuen is a young man fresh out of the Army. The son of a widowed father who owns a large and long established cattle ranch in Nevada. Dean tells in “first person” of his family’s’ rags to riches heritage; being brought up by wealthy “Eastern” relatives, and the life experiences that have shaped his character. After being discharged from the Military, Dean decides to go out on his own and gain some first hand experience before seeking his place in the family business.

Tap McCoy, a 60 year old who is a cowboy for life, is recovering from a very debauched and regretful week. On the outskirts of town, Dean picks up a very dazed Tap with only his most important possessions – his bedroll and saddle. And so, the destinies of Dean and Tap become entwined. For Dean, it is a chance to learn from “experience;” for Tap, it is a quick “getaway” out of town.

Readers are introduced to many characters including, a grumpy old ranch owner that hates everyone, an attractive, flirtatious girl that enjoys having men fight over her, alcoholic cowboys that spend all their hard earned money on week long drunks, prejudice that includes Indians, Whites and Blacks and an eccentric desert hermit as well as a host of other interesting characters.

There is nothing fictional about this story other than the plot. The characters are real, the adventures actually happened and the country and ranches exist. Every fight, bucking horse ride and wild wreck actually took place. It is a factual description of the working lives of the Great Basin buckaroos during the mid 1900’s. Like Last Buckaroo, it captures a time period that has all but come to an end.

Each chapter is episodic – a story within itself. Shadow Of the Wind is steeped in history with adventure, friendship, romance and a slight degree of mystery. This “buddy story” is fast moving, written with colorful descriptive language to give the reader an accurate idea of the location and view of the country without distracting from the action.

Shadow of The Wind is a “must read” for anyone interested in the everyday lives of the people that live and work on the ranches of he west.

This book is a Must Read for anyone with even the slightest interest in Western life. Once you get into the first chapter you will be hooked. Not only is it impossible to put it down but you are left with the feeling that, “I hope it never ends.”

1 review for Shadow Of The Wind by Mackey Hedges

  1. ginreitz (verified owner)

    I was very entertained while reading this book. The stories follow the life of Dean and his friend Tap and are told as if you are sitting around the campfire with Dean. It reminded me of some of my own long ago stories.
    Mackey Hedges uses Dean’s interest in becoming a decent hand as a means to help the reader learn more about both the lingo and what is required to be a good buckaroo. I highly recommend this book.

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