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Eclectic Horseman Issue No.106

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March/April 2019

Make Sure You Get the Drift
With Buck Brannaman Photos by Emily Kitching

This seemingly simple exercise is not only a help for horses who shuffle their hind feet when untracking, but also the foundation of engagement for every horse.

Head for the Hills
By Patti Hudson

Joe Wolter discusses what can be accomplished beyond exposing a horse to new surroundings when you ride out in the hills.

Box Training for the Competitive Rodeo Horse
By Jim Overstreet Photos by Amber Overstreet

Some helpful ways to prepare a horse for being comfortable in the box.

Thoughts on Introducing Children and Horses –
Getting it Right The First Time

By Bryan Neubert
Chidren’s early experiences with horses can start a lifelong love or aversion. Enjoy Bryan’s thoughts on the subject and strategies he used to help foster a love of horses and riding in his children.

Fleeing Forward or Thinking Forward – An Excerpt from Considering Horsemanship
By Tom Moates
When your horse moves is he fleeing from you or thinking about moving forward? Tom discusses how can you know the difference and why it is important to you and your horse.

Some Thoughts on “Try” an Essay
By John Balkenbush

Enjoy this thoughtful essay on the subject of what “try” in a horse means.

1 review for Eclectic Horseman Issue No.106

  1. a-mcowell

    “Head For The Hills” riding ideas, teaches you how to negotiate steep slopes, positioning your horse correctly and taking the lead on asking where you are going. It also reminds us that every time we step outside in the back pasture there is so much more we can work on and create a better connection with your horse! Another great issue from Eclectic Horseman!

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