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EH Issue No.40 – Electronic Version


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March/April 2008

What Makes Horses Unresponsive? by Martin Black
Martin examines what can make our communication with our horses less and less effective over time.

Definition of The Aids by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy explores the difference between cues and aids, and the variety of ways we can signal our horses as riders.

From the Ground Up by Lee McKinney
Lee examines what we can learn about a horse by close examination of their feet.

Ranch Horse Versatility 2008 by Doreen Shumpert
AQHA crowned world-champions in Ranch Horse Versatility.

Reata Roping Clinic with Alfonso Aguilar
by Ron Breines A report on a reata roping clinic with world-famous reata roper and clinican Alfonso Aguilar.

Joe Kreger: Cowboy Poet by Doreen Shumpert
Meet Joe Kreger: a humble man and touching cowboy poet who draws from life’s laughter and tears for his work.

Matter of Factness by Tom Moates
Tom muses on an experience with Harry Whitney that
illustrated the importance of expectation.

Horsemanship in the Real World by Cheryl Kimball
Cheryl ponders question… does she ride English or Western?

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