Meeting With Horse Trainer Lee Smith

Steve getting ready to film a segment on preparing a horse for clippers.
Steve getting ready to film a segment on preparing a horse for clippers.

When we filmed with Lee it wasn’t literally the first time I had met her, but it might as well have been. I had watched her presentations at this year’s Legacy of Legends event in Las Vegas, and had been introduced several times over the years, but the opportunity to really spend any time with her had just never been there.

When Pam Pierce sent me an email that she was hosting Lee for a clinic, after enjoying her presentations in so much at Legacy, I thought, we’ll she’s going to only be a few hours away, I’d better see if we can connect. I had received several requests from other people who had enjoyed her presentations too to feature her in the Gazette.

So the day after her clinic we headed up to Windsor to do some filming, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed… Lee did a trailer loading demonstration that was as clear and concise as any I’ve seen. A groundwork demo and some work with a horse that was hard to clip; territory that had not yet been covered.

The segments will all be great, just what I was looking for, but beyond that the part where we sit down and visit; the contributor bio was really a treat for me. Lee spoke so openly and honestly about her motivations and intentions in working the horses it was truly heart warming.

She uses a lot of quotes from Ray Hunt in her teaching and once she explained what Ray meant to her and how his work informs her own my perspective shifted and my mind was opened. Lots of fun and I think you’ll enjoy what she has to offer too!

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