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Welcome to another kind of Eclectic Conversation; a chance to get to know horsemanship instructors from around the world. The term dispatch means “the sending of someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.” So the term seems to me to fit the collection of interviews with students from around the world who traveled far from home to pursue good horsemanship in the states and take it back home to share. I hope you enjoy these conversations.

Emily and Mandy discuss Mandy’s horsemanship journey, including her approach to maintaining the physical and mental health of her horses, her experiences living in Estonia and Holland, and her belief in allowing horses to roam and graze freely. Mandy also shared her life story, her transition from refugee studies to horsemanship. The conversation also touched upon the importance of continuous education and development within the horse industry, the benefits of a supportive environment, and the challenges of rehabilitating horses.

Visit Mandy’s Web site

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Read about Mandy’s experiences starting feral horses in Estonia in issue No.122 of Eclectic Horseman:

EH Issue No.122 – Electronic Version

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