EH No.77 May/June 2014

cover77Working Together with Ty Weber and Sean Sowa
Working together can be a great job for a saddle horse and good help for colt as demonstrated by Ty and Sean.

Setting Up a Search by Tom Moates
Explore the elusive concept of setting up a “free search” with horseman Harry Whitney, and what it means to both horse and human.

Pressure and Balance Aidsby Alice Trindle
Alice Trindle examines definitions of common horsemanship terms and how you can use balance and pressure aids in leg yield and half-pass exercises.

Turn Tail to a Cow by Martin Black

Does Your Horse Have a “People Problem”? Part 3 by Tom Dorrance as told to Jane Pattie

Creating Life & Flow With Oklahoma Saddlemaker John Willemsma by A.J. Mangum

A Legacy of Legends 2014 report by Tom Moates photos by Mary Brownlie

Introducing Possibility With Geometry by Donnette Hicks

econd Annual Early Californios Skills of the Rancho by Linda Turner photos by Patti Martin

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