Eclectic Conversations – For the Love of the Horse with Mark Rashid

Emily and Mark Rashid discussed his latest book, For the Love of the Horse, which was inspired by the thirtieth anniversary of his first book, Considering the Horse which has sold over a million and a half copies worldwide.

They also discussed the impact of his mentor’s teachings on his approach to horse training. One such lesson was about the importance of understanding the underlying cause of an issue before trying to fix it. Mark shared a personal anecdote about a horse he had, illustrating how Walter’s advice to allow the horse to chew on ropes instead of immediately taking them away helped the horse regulate its cortisol levels and behave better.

They also explored the importance of personal development, honesty, and connection in professional interactions, with Mark emphasizing the significance of understanding and unity in his work with horses. Lastly, they discussed Mark’s martial arts training, the influence of Aikido on his horsemanship, and the potential of internal changes in both horse and rider for improving their relationships.


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For the Love of the Horse—Looking Back, Looking Forward by Mark Rashid

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