EH No.78 July/August 2014

It’s Only Words: Finding Meaning with Joe Wolter by Patti Hudson Instead of relying on words or fashionable terms to understand your horse, Joe encourages you to look at the horse. Some Helpful Ponying Details with Trevor Carter Trevor gives you some helpful hints and suggestions to keep in mind when ponying a horse. The […]

EH No.76 March/April 2014

Cattle Loading with Joe Wolter by Patti Hudson Joe Wolter offers some helpful advice on how to load cattle into a trailer without adding extra stress or turmoil into the situation. The Education of an “Educated” Rider by Dr Deb Bennett Dr. Deb chronicles her personal discoveries into the nature of learning and letting go […]

EH No.74 November/December 2013

Remembering George Michel by Martin Black Memories of the late saddle maker George Michel, who passed away this fall. How Horses Work – Installment #15 Turning on the “Wrong” Hind Leg: Differences Between Rollback and Spin by Deb Bennett, Ph.D. Dr. Deb examines these two maneuvers with her critical eye. Leg Yield Inside and Out […]

EH No.73 September/October 2013

Simple Minded by Martin Black Many people have trouble working cattle because they don’t understand how a cow thinks; understand how they think to be more successful. Margaret Dorrance Saddle for Sale by Tom Moates In 1957 Margaret Dorrance won a trophy saddle at the Rodeo in Salinas; this Fall she will be offering the […]

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