EH No.65 May/June 2012

Catch ‘Em by Martin Black Martin examines some common approaches to catching a horse that can cause trouble and how you can set yourself and your horse up to be caught successfully. Just Like in the Movies by Patti Martin Photos and clinic report from Buck Brannaman’s clinic in Pasadena, California, in February 2012. Where […]

EH No.64 March/April 2012

Reports and Photos from A Legacy of Legends in Las Vegas, Nevada  Rein Position by Martin Black Martin discusses how learning the effectiveness of various rein positions can influence the quality of communication. Timing of the Release While Backing with Buck Brannaman It’s the little things that make the big difference. Buck demonstrates the timing […]

EH No.63 Jan/Feb 2012

The First Ever Horsemen’s Re-Union in Paso Robles, Calif. and Other 2012 Events. The Making of a Hackamore Horse by Martin Black Martin discusses the attributes of a rider who can make a good hackamore horse, and in turn a good bridle horse. Improve Your Shoulder Position by Wendy Murdoch Modern living promotes bad shoulder […]

EH No.62 Nov/Dec 2011

Why They Do What They Do by Martin Black Martin discusses general horsemanship principles and offers suggestions to help us understand our horses and their motivations. Reins Connected to the Feet with Buck Brannaman Buck demonstrates how to back a horse on the ground in a snaffle. A simple task, but another way to help […]

EH No.61 Sept/Oct 2011

Wait for the Response by Martin Black Martin discusses the importance in learning to train ourselves to wait for our horse to respond when we make a request rather than automatically asking for more. Disengaging the Hindquarters to Prepare for the Turn on the Forehand Part 1 by Terry Church Terry integrates this common horsemanship […]

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