EH No.06 July/August 2002

In this issue: How Groundwork Relates to Trailer Loading by Mindy Bower Mindy walks us through a trailer loading problem solved with remedial groundwork. Ground Games for Kids by Sylvana Smith (read online) Sylvana offers advice on how to turn serious horsemanship into fun for young horsemen. The Definition Of “On the Bit” by Dr. […]

EH No.05 May/June 2002

Ten Questions with Terry Church (read online) Meet Terry Church, a California horsewoman and instructor who seeks to bring harmony into her student’s relationships. The Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Contest Results Building a Foundation, part 2 with Bryan Neubert In part two of this series Bryan introduces the use of the halter and […]

EH No.04 March/April 2002

Branding Ettiquette with Buck Brannaman (read online) Helpful suggestions to keep both you and your horse safe and get invited back to the branding next year. Building a Foundation, part 1 with Bryan Neubert  Follow along as Bryan works with a wild horse at a demonstration. Learn how to establish the basis of communication through […]

EH No.03 January/February 2002

How Groundwork Relates to Riding, part 3 with Mindy Bower (read online) Transitions on the ground prepare your horse for transitions under saddle. Handle the Feet; Be Friends with your Shoer with Bryan Nuebert Bryan demonstrates several helpful hints to keep in mind while handling your horse’s feet. The Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse […]

EH No.02 November/December 2001

Dance Class 101 with Buck Brannaman Learn a basic dance step to practice with your equine partner, moving the hind- and front quarters. The Ten-Minute Horseman by Sylvana Smith (read online) Worried about only having 10 minutes to spend with your horse each day? Never fear- you can accomplish a lot in a little time. […]

EH No.01 September/October 2001

Welcome to Eclectic Horseman Communications!  Find out what we’re all about and what you can expect From your subscription to our publication. Getting Off on the Right Foot with Buck Brannaman (read online) Learn the first basic moves of what will someday be an Intricate dance with your horse. How Groundwork Relates to Riding, Part […]

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