The Ambidextrous Rider Part 2 with Chris Sobenes

In this segment Chris Sobenes continues the idea of helping to create an ambidextrous rider. Whether you are an instructor looking for tips on helping your students, or a rider who struggles with imbalances in yourself, these segments will give you some great ideas to become more balanced. In this portion Chris works demonstrates ideas […]

An Approach to Backing Circles with Jim Hicks

Backing circles is an incredibly valuable exercise. In this segment Jim Hicks demonstrates how he introduces the concept and talks the viewer through how to introduce this moment while keeping, and improving the quality of movement backward. The biggest challenge is getting started, and he offers great strategies for beginning this movement. The full length […]

Groundwork with Dressage in Mind with Amelia Newcomb

Many people think of groundwork as something only to be done with young or inexperienced horses. In this segment Amelia Newcomb demonstrates how she uses groundwork with a focus on preparing for dressage movements once she’s in the saddle. She also shows common errors that handlers make when attempting work their horses from the ground. […]

True Unity with Milly Hunt Porter

Please enjoy a conversation with Milly Hunt Porter, editor of True Unity – Willing Communication Between Horse and Rider. If there is one book you should have on your shelf, this is it. Enjoy Milly’s stories of putting the book together, how the book was received and be careful, you might learn a thing or […]

Being with Horses by Nahshon Cook

Please join us for a visit about Nahshon Cook’s Book Being with Horses… and so much more. Nahshon discusses his inspiration for writing the book as well as chatting about the horses whose personalities and challenges fill its pages. Enjoy! About the book: In Being With Horses, Nahshon Cook shares with readers, his alternative universe […]

Simplify Your Riding by Wendy Murdoch

At long last, Simplify Your Riding is back in print! A compilation of articles originally written as a series of articles for a magazine, Simplify Your Riding was expanded and highly illustrated with photographs and drawings in 2004 to guide you through the most effective positions for riding in any discipline. As Wendy says, “Gravity […]

Horse Conformation with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Join us for a conversation that delves into Dr. Deb’s fantastic new book set. This three-volume set represents the culmination of Dr. Deb’s lifetime of conformation research and teaching. Clear illustrations and reader-friendly explanations dissolve the mysteries behind the technical details. Let’s go find your next most-fun horse! Please see the individual books for full […]

Safe and Smooth Mounting with David Hillman

Getting off and on a horse can put you in a vulnerable position. David Hillman demonstrates several ways that you can safely mount and dismount. Whether you are riding a young horse, or you are an older rider, or …. an older rider on a young horse, his suggestions will make the mounting and dismounting  […]

An Introduction to Lateral Work with Amelia Newcomb

Introducing lateral work to your horse can feel overwhelming, and if we as riders don’t have a clear concept on the movement we are looking for how can we expect to ask our horses for it? Dressage trainer Amelia Newcomb demonstrates how she approaches training lateral movements starting with leg yield and moving to shoulder […]

An Aid for Riders with Wendy Murdoch

Having tools you can use on your own to improve your position without an instructor are invaluable. In this segment Wendy Murdoch talks a rider through the use of Franklin balls in the saddle to improve leg position and function. The full length of this lesson is 14:50. Please enjoy a preview: Order this issue:

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