Understanding How Children Learn

When introducing children to horses it is important to leave them feeling safe, confident and excited for more.  However, understanding how children process information is often overlooked.  Children are sensory learners, so their learning styles are determined by which of the senses they are most likely to favor. The four sensory learning styles are: Visual […]

Paralysis To Paralympian Hopeful

Utah horsewoman, Lara Oles, not only subscribes to the Eclectic Horseman magazine, she is a pretty eclectic rider herself.  One weekend you may find her at an International dressage show in California on her Canadian Warmblood mare, Bella; another weekend she may be riding the rugged trails of Utah’s Uinta Mountains on her Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, […]

Impact of the Horse, Two Worlds One Event

What is it about the Impact of The Horse, which brings men and women together from up to seven separate states? Most would reply, “it’s the spirit in which the competition is formulated.” The judging curriculum of this event, is noted for its highest scores going to the horse and rider team that shows the strongest “willing partnership”. Its aim […]

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